5 of the Best Coffee Subscription Services

I’m a Coffee Geek, I love my coffee so much I subscribe to the stuff and it gets delivered to my door every month — it has for years. I want to share with you my Top 5 Coffee Subscription Services (in the UK) so that you too can enjoy the perfect brew at home.

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Kopi Coffee

Having been with Kopi Coffee since it was around a month old, I can safely say I’ve tried and tested this service thoroughly. I cancelled it once, but came crawling back as for me Kopi is the best offering. It ALWAYS tastes awesome!

Each month Kopi offer you a taste of the world, a single origin coffee that is so tasty it leaves you wanting more. I can safely say I’ve never been disappointed in the quality of the coffee on offer. At around £9 the average coffee works out at around 35p per cup — not bad for a gourmet coffee.

Kopi are offering a Free 250g trial of their coffee subscription service, via this link.

What is the Best Subscription Coffee?

Brown Bear Coffee

Brown Bear’s Coffee subscription offers fantastic tasting coffee that you know and love. It’s not a tour of the world, but you can have a taste of the world through the Brown Bear blends on offer.

With a starting price of £6.95 per month it’s good value and puts it in line with supermarket prices, that said there is nothing supermarket about the taste — which as I said is fantastic. My favorite is Sweet Brazil!

Brown Bear’s subscription is for 2 x 227g bags of great coffee, so you can choose separate blends or two of the same — if like me you really love one.

Click here to find out more about Brown Bear’s Subscription Coffee.

Black Coffee or White Coffee… whats your’s?

The Coffee Roasters

The Coffee Roaster’s is unique among the Top 5 subscription coffee services I’ve selected — its a personalised subscription coffee service!

Put simply, that means you tell them what you love in a coffee, and their artisans will find you the best coffee on the market to suit your needs. The Coffee Roasters works with 18 artisan roasters with a selection of almost 140 specialist coffees to select from (at time of publication). Needless to say there is something to suit everyone here.

Susbcriptions cost from £8.50 — for a 250g bag of great coffee, that’s just 40p per cup (on average). Once you’ve tried the coffee, send them your feedback, this then helps to build a picture of what you love so that the next coffee will be even better. This really is a service that keeps improving based on what you really love, great coffee.

You can find out more about Subscriptions from The Coffee Roasters here.

V60 Drip coffee or AeroPress?

Bottle and Bean

Bottle & Bean, Another unique entry to my top 5 subscription services, this time because the subscription goes beyond coffee — offering truly awesome subscription craft beer too!

I couldn’t wait to try Bottle & Bean, it took me a while to get around to it but when I did it was well worth the wait. Bottle & Bean select a different artisan roaster each month, and a different artisan brewer, they select the best of the range and thats what you get. But that’s not all!

You also get access to the Live Tasting sessions, for both the Coffee and the Beer. That means you really get to appreicate the brew (both types) and it’s back story. It’s a great addition that is unique in coffee subscription services.

The coffee only subscription costs £11 a month, which for 2 bags of specialty coffee is pretty good — its £35 for the coffee and beer bundle subscription, but worth every penny.

Learn more about Bottle & Bean here.

Fresh Roast Coffee

Pact Coffee

Pact offer brilliant coffee, it tastes amazing! It’s a service that can’t be faulted. Plus they offer great gift bundles too, ideal for coffee lovers.

Priced at £6.95 the coffee you get will always be bright and fresh, unlike many of the services above which ship on a certain day (usually due to roasting dates) Pact are able to offer you fresh coffee within a short period of time — shipped that day if you order before 1PM.

You may be concerned that Pact can ship so quickly, but let me put your mind at ease. Pact Coffee are a small batch roaster and grind beans to order — ensuring extra fresh coffee delievered direct to you. You can also select beans if you want to really ensure a fresh brew.

Try Pact Coffee today and get your first bag for £1 when you use the voucher code OURCOFFEELOVE

Not Had Enough Coffee Yet?

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