Secrets of the Perfect Home Brew Coffee

Think for a moment:
When you were last in a coffee shop, what did you order?

I’m betting it wasn’t just the words “a coffee”, it was more likely a Latté, a Frapp, an Americano, a Flat White, an Ethiopian Aeropress, a Peruvian V60, or something cool like that.

The high street coffee shop and trendy coffee bars have changed how we look at our coffee, it’s changed our taste buds — we no longer will put up with mediocre filter coffee or (dare I say it) instant coffee.

It’s those coffee bars that are also encouraging a move away from the likes of Starbucks-like chains, yes there will always be room for them, but Coffee Lovers are demanding much more — we’re demanding a brew made with love and care, something with a gorgeous aroma and full taste, not some hastily put together paper cup of blandness. — A move I full embrace and endorse.

But if tastes are changing, and coffee lovers wanting better coffee on the high street — surely they also want great coffee at home too…

That’s why recently I coupled my love of coffee, experience with subscription coffee services and blogging skills together to create a new blog

One of the first articles I wrote was a set of tips on achieving a great cuppa at home, with no fuss. You can read Top Tips for Brewing the Best Coffee at Home here, it also has a lovely infographic to share.

The real secrets to a perfect home brew

Today we released a Free eBook in which we share the home brewing secrets which will ensure a perfect cup of coffee every time, and i want to share some of the information from the book with you.

The eBook looks at

> Fresh Coffee

> Water Quality & Temperature

> Grinding Your Beans

> and the Best Brewing Methods

Extract: Fresh Coffee

The best time to brew your fresh roasted coffee is within 14 days of roasting, but if you keep it in an

air-tight container (and cool) it will keep for around a month. You can brew older coffee, but it just won’t taste so good.

You should always try to buy fresh coffee beans that is packed as soon as possible after roasting, in a air-tight bag with a one-way valve.

This means gases caused by roasting can escape easily, but no oxygen can get in and cause flavour damage. Quick packing is about keeping your coffee fresh.

Once ground, coffee can quickly loose it’s best flavour due to it’s interaction with oxygen. Pre-ground coffee is fine because it’s packed straight away, but if you can you should buy beans.

You can download the book via

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SEO Consultant, From that there Manchester, UK. Social & political voice. Views are my own… — @andykinsey

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