Harrys Shave — What Gives? A Real Review… It’s Gathering Dust

harrys razors — harrys shaving — review
harrys razors — harrys shaving — review
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Movember is over, I can shave again… Where do I turn?

Harry’s — which is sat there with its orange handle, or
My Philips All-in-One (which recently replaced the OneBlade)?

The reality is I love my beard!
I can go for months and not shave it off entirely.
But when I find the want or need I love nothing better than that smooth feeling.

I should in theory by a great customer for Harry’s. I am the kind of person who shaves at 9am and by lunch has a 5 o’clock shadow, a wet shave with it’s smooth feeling and closer shave reduces this at least for a day… a dry shave its almost instant stubble an hour later (it’s never close enough!).

So Why Can’t I Fall In Love With Harrys?

Harry’s was founded by Jeff and Andy, because they were sick of overpaying for razors by the big name brands — I am pretty sure we all know that story. They asked around and found pretty much most guys were also P*ssed about this, and so decided to do something about it — in 2014 they created Harrys and by 2016 had over two million subscribers.

Their massive success from 2014’s launch started before they even launched when they raced to 100,000 emails for launch on kickstarter within 10 days — pretty much meaning they were destined for success. You can read more about this massive marketing success story for Harrys Startup over on the Tim Ferris Blog (it’s well worth a read if you are in marketing or a startp).

Guy’s I am into the story, I love the company…

But, its not enough, it has to perform.

The Razor Blades themselves are German made. With the $100M pay day from kickstarter, Harrys bought out an almost 100 year old razor company in Germany known for quality razors — it was called Feintechnik, now Harrys Feintechnik, and you can still find some of the original blades it produces in Aldi (though they don’t really fit Harrys so don’t bother trying!).

The Blades are 5 on the face with a detail trimmer, or as I use it a nose hair trimmer, on the top. Its got a flex point at the base. It simply clicks on to the handle easily and pushes off when you need to replace it.

First off, with any subscription like this, always start with the trial subscription heres why.

  1. you get a free razor handle
  2. You get free shaving foam / gel
  3. you get a free blade and cover
  4. you only pay for the shipping £3.95
  5. You can cancel if you don’t like it, no fuss, or hit delay if you only try it once and still aren’t sure and can decide later.
  6. If you carry on your subscription or cancel it, you’ve got the razor handle and can always buy more blades from Boots!

The Normal Subscription, starts at only £19 — depending on how often you shave this could be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. The more blades you need the more expensive it is, and whether you want shaving foam etc etc.

My Thoughts on Harrys

Harrys does offer a close shave, and it feels pretty good… But I have to trim my beard first. So I wonder why i dont just take it all off and put up with the slight stubble (so I do unless I am going somewhere in particular).

The blades however do become clogged pretty easily and require tapping out quite often. This is quite annoying and seems to happen in particular with their foam.

The handle feels really comfortable and is easy to grip, even when wet. It does feel a little cheap at first though. I would think the all metal version feels much nicer!

Overall I think the trial subscription value is excellent. I think the blades need improving to make the full subscription worth it on a regular basis — though as the blades are available in more stores it would be possible to trial-cancel and buy blades in a store as required.

Ultimately — I think I will be sticking to my electric Philips All-in-One though ;)

Harrys Shave — 3/5

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SEO Consultant, From that there Manchester, UK. Social & political voice. Views are my own… https://seoandy.com — @andykinsey

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